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 Aloha people!

My very first blog post and I am super excited. Welcome and I hope you enjoy this :)

A little background information about who is behind the keyboard:

I'm Sarah Guidine, a 24 year old curly-haired, Libra with so many dreams.. One of the first one being to travel to as many islands as I can. Second one would to read as many books as I can (a girl can dream, hey!)  I'm from Mombasa Kenya, the second born out of a family of three lovely girls. If they will read this: love you my sisters!  My mum is Iranian and my Dad is Congolese (yes, you can call me exotic) I have lived in Mombasa all my life and all I can say is I'm thankful to be surrounded by the beaches, soaking in the sun and having a forever tan. One of the best things was walking barefoot almost every time (my choice of course) 😁

Did I mention I was a foodie? No? Okay now you know -Food is my love language πŸ’ž I don't have a favorite (Ahem- SEAFOOD please) πŸ™Œ

I recently graduated with a Bachelors in International Business Administration, concentrating in Management. Graduated in September 2020. They say learning never stops, I say wait till you find out in my next blog post.

Dear reader, I hope you now know a little bit about me. Stay tuned and I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts, there's so much more coming.

Have yourself a sunny day and stay hydrated πŸ’¦